10 January 2011

We solemnly swear...

... that we are working very hard.

We are proofreading.
We are writing blurbs.
We are designing covers.
We are copyediting.
We are writing editorial letters.
We are checking page-proofs and print quotes and schedules and advance copies.

Why are we telling you this? Because we're about to post another cake photo, and we wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea. We really are working Very Hard.

In honour of SB's birthday the Cake-maker Virtuoso created the most stunning Red Velvet Cake. Or, as EJ prefers we call it, Southern Lady Food Cake.

A triumph! We ain't never been as plum delighted in all our born days.


Alice said...

I need more details! What are the constituent parts of 'red velvet'? And what's sprinkled on top?

Emily Paull said...


CMV said...

Hi Alice, it involved things like buttermilk, dutch-process cocoa, vinegar and maybe a smidgen of red food-colouring gel - which was also used to tint the demerara sugar on top. And a truckload of icing sugar and cream cheese to cover it all up.

lach said...

Is that a cake server or a brickies trowel? I figure you'd need a trowel to make headway through the overburden of icing to the cake below