12 August 2009

We need your help

In lieu of a blog post today, we are writing to our Federal member about the importance of retaining Australian Territorial Copyright.

The first submission to Cabinet will be complete by the middle of August, with the Cabinet making a decision about whether the recommendations of the Productivity Commission will proceed to legislation or not by the end of September.

So the time to leap into the boat is now.

If you are passionate about this issue we urge you to write to your Federal member and the Senators representing your state to make your views clear. You can find your local Federal member using this handy locator.

Write well. Let your fingers do the talking.


Celine said...

Best of luck to you all. Only wish I could do something too.

The Alien Onions said...

Thanks, Celine. Fingers and toes crossed.

In an unrelated aside - you have completely ruined my productivity! EJ gave me a reading copy of The Crowded Shadows and now I just want to go home to read it. I was considering purposefully missing my tram stop this morning so I could keep reading. Gnarrr!


barking owl said...

Done. I paraphrased you, didn't think you'd mind!

Celine said...

*hugs myself with glee* I hope you enjoy it!!

A latte beckons said...

Might also be worth writing to Peter Garrett, as Minister for the Yarts?

The Alien Onions said...

barking owl: excellent work. and we are delighted for to you paraphrase us - as did i in my letters...

celine: i am next in line for that reading copy. can't wait!

what kate did next: good thinking, lady!