06 March 2013

Onion Origins - SF

In celebration of our 25th anniversary of children's publishing we are delighted to present the inaugural edition of Onion Origins.

The Job Interview 
A two-storey terrace house,
narrow timber stairs,
following the Publisher...
She looks back down at me,
 'You're not who I thought you were.'

Bare floorboards in the large front room,
trestle table for a desk
and large fat folder with all the applications.
I hand over the sample manuscripts,
edited to show my approach to the texts,
and a couple of my favourite picture books,
including The Tomten, (that kindly gnome who goes about the farm at night, talking to the animals in a silent language that animals understand).

We had a second interview at her house,
relaxed and friendly over lunch,
and I heard later that she'd said
interviewing would be easier if she could do it in the applicant's lounge room,
then she'd know a whole lot more.

But she gave me a chance
and handed over books and authors,
trusting me to care for them,
which made it possible for me
to be what I thought I could be.

And I've been here ever since.

- Sue Flockhart, Commissioning Editor


thaliak said...

Wow. Beautiful.
Thanks, Sue.

miss elise said...


Wendy Orr said...

And I'm so glad you did! What a lovely piece, I'm smiling at the evocation of that funny old house, and being able to imagine you in it. Thank you.

Penni Russon said...

Oh, I have a little tear.