01 March 2013

Happy Anniversary!

2013 is a very special year for Allen & Unwin Books for Children and Teenagers.

This year we are celebrating our twenty-fifth anniversary.
We're so pleased and proud.

Twenty-five years!

That's a silver wedding anniversary.

That's older than several of us were when we started working here.

That's five years longer ago than when Sgt Pepper taught the band to play.

Twenty-five is also apparently a Cullen number.  That seems... important somehow...

For twenty-five years we've been making books, selling books, enthusiastically telling people about our books - and loving books, authors, illustrators and book-creators of all kinds.

So, to celebrate, for the rest of this year we will be sharing origin stories of the people that work here.

How did the Onions become Onions?

Tune in next week for the very first edition of Onion Origins. 

And stay tuned for other things from us and the Mothership all through this anniversary year.

Happy 25, Onions!


Sadami said...

Dear Onions,
Congratulations!! Best wishes for you!
Kind regards, Sadami

Jorg E. said...

Happy Birthday Onions.
BTW methinks it ought to be "Sgt Pepper" rather than "St Pepper." Unless you are referring to Saint Pepper who taught the band to pray.
Jack Locke, poet and editor
Montreal Canada

thaliak said...

Onion Origins?
Fantastic. Looking forward to it.