06 December 2012

Adieu, Marie!

We interrupt our Very Onion Christmas recommendations to say a sad and fond farewell to the lovely Marie!

Marie has been our intern for the last five months. We've loved having her around the office. But today is her last day. 

Her opinion, her insights, her proofreading skills* and her delicious accent will be much missed when she flies back to France. So we expressed our love in the best way we know - cooking!

Et voilà - an Aussie feast for French Marie!

It looked and smelled and tasted like the 60s, the 70s, the 80s. O the nostalgia. O the excess of sugar.

Le menu

party pies and sausage rolls,
asparagus rolls (white bread, crusts cut off)
chocolate crackles and honey joys,
Vegemite-and-cream-cheese sandwiches,
vanilla slice (AKA snot blocks),
French onion dip,
kabana and cheese,
Tim Tams, Twisties, Wagon Wheels
and, best of all, A PAV!

Très sophistiqué, non?

Thanks so much for everything, Marie! Have a safe trip home and a very happy Christmas!

Lots of love,

All the Onions xxx

*In a second language, no less! Amaze!

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A latte beckons said...

Quelle delicieux! (I know no French)

Do they have French onion dip in France??