31 October 2011

Fictions on the Field IV

Greetings from the skeleton crew staffing the House of Onion today. Sensible people took a long weekend, but here we are - pottering around, sending books to the printer, amusing ourselves.
Horses you would bet on in the 2011 Melbourne Cup if it were...

A Georgette Heyer novel:
  • Fox Hunt
  • Precedence
  • Lost in the Moment

A Hornblower novel:
  • Drunken Sailor

A novelisation of Casablanca:
  • Americain

A Roddy Doyle novel:
  • Shamrocker

A French farce:
  • Moyenne Corniche
  • Red Cadeaux
  • Glass Harmonium
  • At First Sight

A picture book:
  • Illo

An epic fantasy:
  • Older Than Time
  • Hawk Island
  • Niwot
  • Manighar

A PD James novel:
  • Unusual Suspect

A letter from Maria Shriver to her ex-husband:
  • Verminator

A pamphlet on what to expect if you are a passenger grounded by Qantas:
  • Tullamore

So, here's to the race that stops a nation. BOM reports that it's likely to be one for the Rain Lovers, so Think Big in terms of wet weather wear, may your champagne be sourced from a Vintage Crop, may your fluttering be Efficient, not Shocking and your day be entirely Tawrrific.

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