28 March 2011

Double the Trouble

Intriguing, yes?
Mysterious, yes?
Want to know more, yes?*
As ever, we are here to help...

It is a truth universally acknowledged that good things are always better in twos.

Noah knew it.
Frank Sinatra knew it.
Wrigley's knew it.
Peters Ice-cream, the makers of the sorely missed Two-in-One, knew it.

And you will know it too, once you get your hands on Troubletwisters , because it contains:
- Two main characters (TWINS!)
- Two strange cats
That's double your New York Times best-selling action.
Twice the amount of critical acclaim.
And two times the talent.
Because the authors in question are Garth Nix and Sean Williams.

You will know Garth from the Keys to the Kingdom series and the Old Kingdom series, but did you know he can employ special night vision to save electricity?**

You will know Sean from his many series, novels and collections which include The Fixers, The Broken Land, Astropolis and Star Wars: New Jedi Order: Force Heretic (with Shane Dix), but did you know that he is the inventor of a celebrated Brussels sprout curry?

Together they will be unstoppable!

As well as double your fun, Troubletwisters also boasts:
- a very cool and enigmatic grandmother with a Hillman Minx and special powers,
- a secret antique shop,
- and an Oracular Crocodile.
Before we wrote this post, we thought we might try to play it cool, try to be hip, attempt to sound a little bored even: 'So anyway, we're publishing this new series, no biggie, maybe have a look at it, or not, whatever.'

But we fell at the first hurdle because Troubletwisters is just TOO DAMN EXCITING - and it's only the first book!***

Stuff cool, forget hip - grab your twin, your doppelganger, your other half and RUN DON'T WALK to the bookshop in May.

* Sounding a wee bit like Yoda, we are?
** It's Earth Hour every night at Garth's house.
*** Breathe, breathe, breathe into paper bag. Calm down.


Charmaine Clancy said...

This is going to be BIG :-)

Amber said...

I'm very intrigued. What sort of age group is it aimed at?

The Alien Onions said...

Charmaine - We sure hope so!

Amber - Eeeeexcellent. We're so pleased you are intrigued. The rough age-range is 8-12.