12 November 2010

Friday stuff and Items

1) Fresh from the triumph of the launch of Hamlet, Nicki Greenberg has another brand new book - but this one is for an age group who may not yet have familiarised themselves with the works of Mr William Shakespeare. Or perhaps they have...

Monkey Blue & Monkey Red are two cheeky monkeys who have sneakily not gone to bed - and decided to have a wild midnight feast instead! And with the help of an over enthusiastic chameleon, oh what a mess they make!

Monkey Red Monkey Blue is to be launched by the irrepressible Mr Terry Denton (famed for many wonderful books of his own AND our beautiful banner illustration) at the Fairfield Library on Monday 22 November at 11 am (right after story time). So if you have a little monkey of your own - come along and join in the fun. You can rsvp over at Fairfieldbooks On Kids.

2) The ever-eloquent Penni Russon is doing a spot of major multi-tasking at the moment. She's putting the finishing touches on the final draft of her new novel, teaching Creative Writing at Melbourne Uni, blogging at Eglantine's Cake, waiting for the imminent arrival of her third child AND answering questions for the Voiceworks crew over at their blog Virgule.

3) Scott Westerfeld is standing up for steampunk against all those grown-ups who are scared of its genre* cooties. As usual, he is funny and articulate - and also has some very clever readers who make cool things. In further celebration of steampunk - feast your eyes on these amazing cakes and awesome weddings.

* I think in Oz, we'd probably call them genre germs, which has a certain alliterative appeal.

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