09 February 2010

When the bee stings


These are definitely a few of our favourite things.

And, as we trust you all know, Books! Writing! Ideas! are now handily housed in one place: the Wheeler Centre. And their inaugural event features yet another one of our favourite things: Storytelling! In fact, A Gala Night of Storytelling. Doesn't it just sound divine.

And look at this line-up.* Chloe Hooper! Paul Kelly! Cate Kennedy! Judith Lucy! Shane Maloney! David Malouf! John Marsden! Alex Miller! John Safran! Christos Tsiolkas! Tara June Winch! Alexis Wright!

We trust they will all linger alluringly on the literati red carpet in fine gowns and fabulous suits.

So if you want to take in pearls of wisdom from the fascinating writers who put the scintillating stories in the pages of the books who put the proud glow on the noses on the faces of the peoples of the centrepiece of Melbourne's UNESCO City of Literature...

You're too late!
Because they just passed by - well actually it's sold out (we know that you know we meant that).

But you might be able to take some pictures...

And if you haven't checked out the calendar of coming events at the Wheeler Centre - go forth and do so immediately. Soapboxes! Debuts! In Conversations! Spotlights! Reading the City!

Oh my - now we don't feel so bad.

* We cheer for John Marsden who is flying the kids' book flag. But we also show our range. Don't tell anyone, but sometimes we do read adult books. And we listen to adult music. And laugh at adult humour. Yes, yes it's true.

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