12 February 2010

Friday stuff and items

1) The real Timothy McSweeney has died - which makes us sad, even though we didn't know he existed.

2) Boy did it rain yesterday in Melbourne.

Photo via The Age

3) We are more than a little bit in love with Michael Morpurgo's writing bed. Perhaps we should look into installing editing beds in the House. It seems highly appropriate. Except, what would we do about cake crumbs?

4) In which David Levithan is funny and talks about Mockingjay, the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy. August is so far away. Want. It. Now. *editor retires to editing bed and rocks gently*

5) Did you know that Braeburn apples are capitalised, but jonathans are not? Golden Delicious is capitalised but pink lady is not. Sundowner is capitalised, but fuji is not. Luckily, Granny Smith is capitalised - otherwise it would really mess with our world order. Thanks for your help on this subject, Macquarie Dictionary online.^

^Did you know you can follow the Macquarie Dictionary on twitter? @MacqDictionary , y'all. Word up!


Sharzod Hosseini said...

Thank you for these timely and important updates. I am glad to find that I am not the only one who has a writing bed and if people ask to see my office I will show them and explain that I am writing within a great tradition.I have the confidence to do this now.

Anonymous said...

Onions, I thought I would let you know about what an exciting week this is. A bunch of mad people are undertaking a 'snapshot' of the Australian speculative fiction scene, because we're all excited about the World Science Fiction Convention coming to Melbourne in September. We're blogging interviews all this week, and a few of our subjects are your authors! Garth Nix has just gone live - http://random-alex.livejournal.com/105714.html. We're hoping to crack at least 90 interviews between the 6 of us!

Anonymous said...

I want a writing bed. In fact, I want a writer's husband who will design me a writer's house with said writing bed in a writing room... I think a small crumb tray (perhaps 'moat style')around the bed will deal with the snack refuse!