21 December 2009

Here is a cornucopia

Cornucopias are a symbol of plenty and are used in celebrations for the giving of thanks.*

This year we have plenty of people, things and items for which to be thankful.

So here we go...

  • Thank you to the Macquarie Dictionary online. Seriously, you help more than you will ever know.
  • Thank you also to the Urban Dictionary. You provide excellent advice about yoofspeak, and also LOLs
  • Thank you to the photocopier. No wait, scratch that. Photocopier - you have serious room for improvement in 2010.
  • Thank you to the downstairs couches, for being cushioned and comfy and a quiet place to read.
  • Thank you to the floor, for letting us lie on you when we need to.
  • Thank you to Degani on Albert Street, for caffeination, sandwiches, caffeination, hedgehog, caffeination, and pie.
  • Thank you to the Fitzroy Gardens, for offering a lovely green escape when we need to step outside to see the trees.
  • Thank you to the Melbourne weather, for dramatic and varied content opportunities.

  • Thank you to all our designers and typesetters - for making us look so good.
  • Thank you to all our proofreaders - for your ever-eagle eyes and excellent error-catching.
  • Thank you to our couriers of all denominations - for delivering our very important packages.
  • Thank you to our prepress and printers - for taking all the hard work and, by dint of more hard work, turning it into actual, real live beautiful books.
  • Thank you to the booksellers and librarians - for putting our books into the hands of the people for whom they were made.
  • Thank you to the readers of all our books. Yes, thank you, readers, read on.

  • Endless thanks to everyone in the Mothership and in the House - for your support, your help, your humour, your wisdom and your general excellence.
  • Thank you to the Cake-maker in Chief, and everyone else who baked up a storm of goodness this year. SO MUCH CAKE!

  • Thank you to everyone who has commented here, or just read Alien Onion in the last year. We've had great fun rambling on about stuff and items. And it has given us such a thrill to catch a glimpse of the wider community of kids-book-minded people.

  • But the biggest thanks of all is reserved for our wonderful authors and illustrators - you are the reason we are all here. We are so proud to publish each and every one of you. Your words and your art inspire us, challenge us, make us laugh, weep, stomp, curse and sing.


Alien Onion is taking a little break. We'll be back after January 5th - full of fresh ideas (and too much food, no doubt).

Have a safe and happy holiday, everyone!

* Yes, we know it's not harvest time in the Southern Hemisphere. It's a symbol, people. We are being symbolic.


A latte beckons said...

Merry Christmas, and thank you too, you marvellous Onions, you!

Bless you every one!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Onions, I am most grateful for you too!

Celine said...

Merry Christmas, Onions! You've made me so happy this last year. I wish I could hug you all.