11 December 2009

Friday Stuff and Items

They're Making a List
Here is the Guardian's take on the books that have defined the decade. How many have you read?

Get a Grip
This is far and away the best/most hilarious thing to come out of the Tiger Woods scandal*. (Promise.) Now, how best for our marketing department to replicate this for one of our books, I wonder...

Launched in very fine style last night by the incredibly dashing Bernard Caleo, was Tango squared. The Tango Collection and Tango 9 Love & War. We don't have any launch photos (yet) so you'll have to content yourselves with some sightings of The Tango Collection in the wild...

Free range
Speaking of 'in the wild'. Look, look who has escaped the printed page! At this time of year, Mr Chicken must be very glad he's not Mr Turkey.

Simultaneous Love**
A very special event is taking place in the House of Onion and the Mothership this afternoon. At the end of the working day, we are downing tools for a simultaneous screening of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Our film-tie in edition is out in the world (with the cute-as-Christmas Michael Cera gracing the cover), but most of us have never seen the movie. A situation that will be remedied in both Houses of Onion at 5pm today. CANNOT WAIT! (Just kicking myself that I didn't wear my Where's Fluffy t-shirt to work today. )

* Or, as Babel Fish translation would call it, le scandale de tigre bois
**But not the same kind that Chef from South Park sings about.


kate.o.d said...

so what did you think of nick and norah? mad that they changed it so norah looked like the pathetic one desperate for someone to kiss instead of wanting to shout F**K NO! at nick? yeah me too. ace soundtrack though.

The Alien Onions said...

Kate -
We all enjoyed it, mostly because of the ever-adorable Michael Cera, the lovely Kat Dennings and the general New Yorkiness of it. I thought it was a sweet funny film.

In comparison to the book though, yeah some of us did have some ISSSues.

Funnily enough - I was more aware of the soundtrack in the book, than I was in the film. That sounds odd, but I guess what I mean is that even though you can't actually *hear* it, the music in the book is in the foreground, whereas in the film it is... well, it's a soundtrack - it kind of just washed over me.