14 February 2013

Curse you, Tasman Sea

It was a sad day (for us) when Karen Healey left Melbourne to move back to New Zealand.

Sad because we can't have her round to the House for Friday drinks anymore, and sad because she is not in Melbourne and her AWESOME NEW BOOK SET IN MELBOURNE is now on the shelves in real live bookstores.

When We Wake is set in Melbourne, but not in a Melbourne that we know now, a possible Melbourne of the nearish future.

Is it a better Melbourne? Sometimes.
Is it worse? Sort of.
Is it an intriguing place? Yes.
Is it full of characters you will love? Oh yes.
Do any of those character love each other? YOU KNOW IT.
Is there any, say, danger for those characters in this new Melbourne? Guys, have you READ any of Karen's books? YES YES YES. Danger, love, the funny. Tension, suspense, the playful. It's ALL here.

And it's all so good.

Karen - if you weren't on the other side of the Tasman, we would pour you a glass of something, and say CONGRATULATIONS!


Just to hand, this awesome trailer from Little, Brown - Karen's lovely publishers in the USA! It's so cool that we'll even forgive Tegan's American accent.

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