04 July 2012

Team Players

There may be no 'i' in team, but there's a 'u' in Team Human

Or there will be as soon as you grab hold of a copy, now that it is out in the world. OUT IN THE WORLD. 

How out in the world? Just, like, standing on the doorstep? Just edging down the garden path? Just opening the front gate?

NO! 100% in the world.
All over the world*.

Sarah Rees Brennan is talking about it in Ireland.

Justine Larbalestier is talking about it in Sydney.

Jordi Kerr is talking about it in Melbourne.

And Cory Doctorow is talking about it in Boing Boing.**

If you are in Sydney next week, get yourself along to Kinokuniya on Thursday 12 July for the Team Human launch  where Justine and Margo Lanagan will be talking about it too.

Unfortunately, Sarah is unable to attend this fabulous event, due to the world being large.***

If you are curious to know how two people on different continents collaborated to write such a fabulous take on the vampire novel, Sarah and Justine will be chatting with Scott Westerfeld here on Monday 9 July  at 10 am (Australians, don't be fooled by the fact that the website says Sunday at 8pm).

Or you can check out this Q & A with Justine.

And you can read the first chapter of Team Human here

And remember, people, friends don't let friends date vampires.

* Well, most parts of the English-speaking world, anyway.
** Boing Boing is basically a country, right?
*** It really is a long way to Tipperary, and Dublin is even further than that.

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