30 March 2012

Introducing... Brigid Kemmerer

We confess that our knowledge of some of the states in the USA is, ahem, not what one would call comprehensive.

Take Maryland, for instance. What comes to mind when we consider Maryland? Well, let's see. It borders Washington DC and boasts Chesapeake Bay. What else? Baltimore is in Maryland, and everything we know about Baltimore we learned from The Wire...* (Omar? McNulty? Kima? Stringer Bell? Are you out there?)  So, no, we are clearly not Maryland aficionados.

However, we do know one very important thing about Maryland. Maryland is home to Brigid Kemmerer. And Brigid Kemmerer is exactly who we want to introduce today. Why? Because Brigid Kemmerer has written STORM and it is HOT! HOT! HOT!** And advances arrived in the House today!

Four brothers. Four hot brothers. Four hot brothers who are able to control the elements: Water, Fire, Air, Earth.

AND a mysterious [hot] new guy in town.

And Becca Chandler - caught in the middle...

What's that you hear? That, dear readers, would be the sound of heart rate: UP! UP! UP!

Here's a sneak peek:
   'Scared of storms?'
   Becca jumped. The voice had come from behind her, and she forced her hands to her sides, ready to feign nonchalance. 'No,' she lied, starting to turn. 'I'm just - '
   Face-to-face with hotness.   Her tongue stumbled for a minute. She'd seen the Merrick twins around school, of course. But catching a glimpse down the hall wasn't the same as being six inches away from one of them, getting an eyeful of the way his long-sleeve tee clung to muscled shoulders, or of the faint shadow of stubble along his jaw, or the depth of blue in his eyes.
   Eyes that studied her a little too closely just now, a spark of amusement there.
   Nick Merrick knew exactly what he looked like, and he knew she was looking.
    She squared her shoulders and pretended she couldn't feel the flare of heat on her cheeks. 'Your brother got in a fight.' She gestured to her car, to where the scruffy guy was half kneeling on the backseat, one leg braced on the driveway. 'I brought him home.'
   Nick looked past her and sighed, almost with exasperation. 'Damn it, Gabriel.'
   His twin. She shook her head. 'Chris.'
   He'd been moving toward the steps, but stopped short and looked at her. 'Chris?'
   'Yeah. Your brother. Chris.' Could she possibly stop sounding like an idiot? 'He was in a fight behind the gym, and - '
   Boom! Thunder shook the house.

But wait, there's more: Yes! MOAR! Storm is part of a series. The Elementals series. So, after you have devoured Storm stay tuned for Spark and Spirit.

Brigid, we welcome you warmly to the House - and we CAN'T WAIT*** until May when Storm will sweep into stores across the land.

* And, ahem, Sleepless in Seattle...
** Wait. What? How hot? *whispers* Smokin' hot. We kid you not.
*** When we say CAN'T WAIT here, clearly we mean HAVE TO WAIT.


Brodie said...

Hellooooooo there, Nick! *winks*

This book. GUH. AMAZING! One of my favourite reads this year and damnit... can we have Spark already?! I don't care that Storm isn't out yet! I want more, I want more, I want more!

Also, I have to say, you guys have done a phenomenal job on the cover design. I LOVE the Australian version, it's striking and just... SO COOL <3

Amie Kaufman said...

Oh I loooove the Aussie cover! Now, what do Melbournians need to do to get our hands on one of those ARCs? Brownies? Midnight raid? Highly complex plan involving weather control?

The Elementalists said...

Haha, well we're even! Pretty much what we know of Australia consists of Russell Crowe in Neighbours and Priscilla Queen of the Desert! And that speaking of Russell Crowe, pretty much all the boys are HOT HOT HOT! Almost as hot as the Merrick boys! (no Brodie, you can't keep them, but they'll come for a visit;) And we do agree that while we LOVE seeing all the boys, we like your version of the covers a little better! (shhhh, don't tell KTeen!)

Bonnee Crawford said...

Sounds like a good read :3 I'm imagining Avatar: The Last Airbender characters right now though, I'm too much of a fanatic to think of anything else when someone mentions the four elements...

The Alien Onions said...

Brodie - we LOVE how much love you have for the Merrick brothers and the Elementals series - and all the golden apples they are racking up on your blog! HOORAY! And we're delighted that you love the Australian covers. We're VERY pleased with them.

Amie - The ARCs were all snaffled up a while ago. This photo is of the actual books (not ARCs). Yes! Books! They're not in the wild yet. But soon, very soon. May is less than a month away - unless you can devise a highly complex time-bending plan...

The Elementalists - *whispers* Hooray for loving our covers!

Bonnee - It's a terrific read. Hope you love it as much as we do.