08 September 2011

Everybody in the House...

... come on and let me hear you say OH HO!

From the judges report: This is an intriguing psychological drama about a girl whose childhood is blighted... there is a gripping contemporary framing narrative where the girl, now an elderly resident of a nursing home, is visited by 16 year old Carly. These sections are beautifully crafted, Mrs Cartwright's acerbic comments to Carly are often very humorous, and the relationship which develops between them is warm and moving. This is a most impressive novel which stays with, and haunts the reader long after it concludes.

Everybody in the House,
 come on and let me hear you say HO HO

From the judges report: Through its two narrators, 15-year-old Tilly Sweetrick and 13-year-old Poesy Swift, this excellent historical novel for teenagers, tells the extraordinary story of a troupe of child performers aged seven to 18 years, touring with Percival's Lilliputian Opera Company through South East Asia and India in the first decade after Federation.

Everybody in the House,
 come on and let me hear you say OH HO

Kate De Goldi's The 10pm Question won the Corine International Book Prize, Young Readers Award!

From the judges report: A book to give people new heart - a book to prove that you are only alone with your problems if you don't talk about them.

Everybody in the House,
 come on and let me hear you say HO HO HO

I'm a take this groove and slam
flip it how we want it flipped
from da back to the front when I drops me the manuscript
cuz I got da moves and I'm always done ma flow
wid da crazy crazy grooves
so tell mecan ya feel da mad skills comin' 
wid da fever, fever, FEVER!

Fabulous work, Barry, Kirsty and Kate!!!

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Miss Cackle said...

Am ecstatic for all of you! Go team! But please, please, somebody sing something else so I can get that song out of my head!!!