26 August 2011

Friday Stuff and Items

1) Everyone likes to make a good first impression, don't they? Of course they do! And we all know not to judge a book by its cover, don't we? Except, of course, when it comes to, you know, actually judging books. So in the spirit of satisfying all your cover judging needs, we are delighted to introduce you to First Impressions - a tumblr to tickle the fancy of cover-coveters across the land.

Be sure to check out the interview with the wonderful Zoe Sadokierski who is once again making us look good with her cover designs for The Wilful Eye and The Wicked Wood.

2) Everyone likes a writer's festival, don't they? The MWF successfully launched itself into a literary love-fest last night with a keynote by Jonathan Franzen and continues until 4 September. So get thee to an event to hear all those clever and charming authors saying all those interesting, enlightening, inspiring things, all those moments for mingling, all those wonderful books to be bought and signed by your favourite author, all those opportunities to call for an end to that silly talk about the death of the book...

3) Everyone loves Shaun Tan. No really, everyone in the universe seems to love Shaun Tan. Clever everyone. The Hugo Awards are the latest people to appreciate his talents. They gave him the Best Professional Artist award!

You can share the Shaun-love at the 'amazing live "sonic-scape"' of the Arrival. That's tonight, people. Tonight! And there are still some tickets available. Quick sticks!

4) And everyone loves a shortlisting. Yes, yes, they do. We particularly love the shortlisting of The Golden Day by Ursula Dubosarsky and Being Here by Barry Jonsberg in the Queensland Premier's Literary Awards. Most excellent news. Hurrahs for Ursula and Barry!

5) And everyone loves warm sunny days in Melbourne in August.*

* Well, perhaps not quite everyone, but we suspect that even those strange people who adore the wintry Melbourne weather have found a way to feel the weather-love this week, but never fear, winter-o-philes, the grey skies are back just in time for the weekend. Sigh.


JudiJ said...

Ahem, Onions. And most excellent news for Kirsty Murray, shortlisted in the NSW Premier's History Prize this week for India Dark. One of yours, I believe? And a most excellent one it is too. Well done, Kirsty.

The Alien Onions said...

Well-spotted, JudiJ. Isn't it excellent news! We are percolating a post on this very subject. Watch this space...