18 July 2011

The promise of spring

The depths of winter. Here we are. In it. Brrr.

(Via our good friends at the School of Earth Sciences. )

What we need to keep us going is hope that this winter too shall pass. What we need is a suggestion of spring.

Daffodils. That's what we need. And as it happens, we may just have some to hand.

Inspired by Elizabeth Honey's That's Not A Daffodil! here are some daffodils that Layla & Johnhenry prepared earlier.*

But wait, what? That's not a daffodil! That's a green beak.

Happily, we know how this story ends.

Now, that's a daffodil!

Spring. Bring. It On.

* Thanks KJW & EP for the sharing the photos of their children and their green beaks.

1 comment:

Sadami said...

Ahahaha, Onions, You're so sophisticated! "That's an onion."
Thank you for the photo and the picture book♫ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ.
Kind regards,Sadami