16 April 2010

Friday afternoon question time

  • Do you own a stormtrooper helmet?
  • Or a superhero outfit?
  • Do you think Laura Roslin is the best president this galaxy has ever seen?*
  • Are you bummed because the iPad's release in Australia has been delayed for a month and you were busting to get the Marvel app, because have you seen how good comics look on that screen?
  • Are you keen to meet the brilliant minds (and pencils) behind such works of genius as The Great Gatsby, The Silence and Tango?
  • Looking for somthing to do tomorrow?

If you answered Yes! to any of these questions, then Supanova Pop Culture Expo is for you. It looks like so much fun.

A contingent from the House of Onion with envoys from the Mothership will be running an Allen & Unwin stand where we'll be chatting about, and waving around, many fine things from our awesome list of fantasy and graphic novels. Two areas where we *ahem* excel.

We'll be showcasing Nathan Jurevicius, Shaun Tan, Garth Nix, Karen Healey, Catherine Jinks, Neil Gaiman, Celine Kiernan, Nicki Greenberg, Bruce Mutard, Jon Walker and lots of others.

Possibly even more exciting is that some of our finest graphic novelists will be appearing LIVE AND IN PERSON at the Borders stand.

You can catch:

Bruce Mutard on Saturday from 11.30 to 12.30
Bernard Caleo on Saturday from 2.30 to 3.30
Nicki Greenberg on Sunday from 11.30 to 12.30

So say we all!

*Or maybe you just want to get near someone who has been near Starbuck and Apollo.


Alice said...

Yes, I do own a stormtooper helmet. I wear it stwutting about the house with my wifle.

The Alien Onions said...

Oops - I have made a correcting.
Shhh no one ever need know.

(JW - hurry back, I miss your mad proofreading skillz)


Anonymous said...

even though i'm not australian, i am bummed out because ipads in canada are presently non-existent, even though they wouldnt be here yet because of the evil people known as americans who we ttly beat at hockey at the olympics in both counts, are overly greedy and dont want to share the wonderful object called the ipad with the rest of the world.