21 September 2009

Introducing... Libba Bray!

Stamp your feet, swish your tail, chew your cud in an excited fashion because we are welcoming Libba Bray to the House of Onion! Mooooo!*

Why are we behaving like barnyard animals?
Because in February 2010 we will be unleashing Libba's wonderful book Going Bovine on an unsuspecting Australian public.

Here are some things about Libba:
1. She is related to Davy Crockett (on her mum's side.)
2. She names her computers.
3. She is the New York Times bestselling author of A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels and The Sweet Far Thing.
4. She lives in New York City, where she can often be found not eating doughnuts (although she spells them differently).
5. Her latest book is Going Bovine, which we are publishing in Feb 2010. (Did we mention that?)
We're not quite sure how to define Going Bovine - it's a bit of a boundary-buster. What we do know is that we love it. In an attempt to be more specific we will ask ourselves some questions about it and then, helpfully, we will answer them.

Q) Who is Going Bovine for?
A) Teenagers. Oh and definitely adults. And certainly garden gnomes. Also probably some Norse gods would like it. And very possibly Miguel de Cervantes. But maybe cows should steer (ha!) clear.

Q) What is it like?
A) It's the funniest thing we've ever read. No wait, it's really sad and moving. And it certainly makes you think. But also it's a strange road-trip that just sweeps you along.

Q) Is there any romance in it?
A) Yes!

Q) Does it contain any penetrating philosophical questions?
A) Why, yes, Grasshopper.

Q) What about the main character, Cameron, will I like him?
A) You will love him! And then you will want to shake him by the shoulders and give him a good talking to, and then you will love him some more.

Go here to find Libba's official website.
Go here for her blog.
Go here to see a cow chewing its cud in an excited fashion.

We're desperately hoping that Libba will make it to Australia at some stage, and that when she does she will bring her cow suit to the House of Onion.

What cow suit? you ask.
THIS ONE... Behold the wonder...

If that video didn't move you (What are you, made of stone?), you can read other people's raves here, here and, well, all over the web really.

So... Libba Bray - welcome to the House of Onion! We're very pleased and proud to be publishing Going Bovine.

*Anyone who's read Margaret Mahy's The Tricksters will remember that moooo means good and grunt means bad. It's all mooooo round here this morning.


Natalie Hatch said...

I loved Libba's Great and Terrible Beauty books. Can't wait to read Going Bovine.

Steph Bowe said...

Oh I am delighted.
Great and Terrible Beauty was fantastic.

of thieves said...

Boneless chicken! I want to meet her so badly now.

Anonymous said...

Libba is also IN HERSELF a very moo person.

And kind to cats.