13 February 2009

Dragon's Breath

Outside the sunlight is orange and there is the smell of smoke on the wind. But inside there are dragons. Here are some of Allen Hicks's beautiful (and a little bit frightening) illustrations from Dragon's Breath by Michael Dugan. (Thanks, Mum.)

Here is Adina

And here is Adina befriending the dragon

And here is the dragon saving the village

We wish dragons to everyone still under threat from fire.

Dragon's Breath, Michael Dugan & Allen Hicks, Gryphon Books, Victoria, 1978


Anonymous said...

Did he also do the illustrations for Thomas Kinelly's Ned Kelly and the City of the Bees? Its been years since I've seen that book ( a childhood favourite) but the illustrations instantly put me in mind of it!

The Alien Onions said...

Hi Celine,

I don't know the Ned Kelly book. So I did a wee bit of searching and discovered that it's illustrated by Stephen Ryan. But I can certainly see the similarity in the cover illustration. And, interstingly, I think it was first published in 1978 - the same year as 'Dragon's Breath'.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for looking it up for me, you're such a pet. It never even occurred to me to do a search ( doh!)1978 would have been around when I first read it, I think! The story really appealed to my rather warped sensibilities, and I still to this day remember the illustrations! If you can get your hands on it, you should give it a read. its very different ( and set in Australia too if I'm not mistaken.)